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FREMONT, CA — August 2009 — Datest Corp., a leading provider of advanced, efficient and
quality in-circuit testing solutions, added Agilent 5DX inspection capability to its list of service
offerings, cutting costs and protecting margins in manufacturing environments where complexity is
a driving factor and defect tolerance is narrow.

“The introduction of 5DX X-ray inspection to Datest’s lineup of test platforms complements and reinforces Datest’s full-service test capabilities. Automated X-ray inspection enhances Datest’s existing in-circuit, functional test, and flying probe offerings,” said Robert Boguski, Datest’s new
President. “5DX inspection is unsurpassed as a diagnostic tool for board-level troubleshooting and rework of manufacturing defects in volume. Our customers win as Datest delivers additional value for their testing dollars.”

The 5DX Automated X-ray Inspection system provides 3D X-ray inspection for both in-line and offline operations. Additionally, it is capable of inspecting both sides of a double-sided panel in one pass, and is designed for in-line or off-line automated process testing of solder connections on PCB assemblies, with pass-through or pass-back loading.

The system is designed to meet the high-speed manufacturing rates required for high-volume,
high-technology consumer products such as cellular phones and notebook computers. Throughput
improvements are due to a combination of technology enhancements that include improved image
acquisition and analysis, improved board handling, dynamic motion-damping software, and faster
stage speeds. Additionally, for smaller boards, a dual-panel loading capability has been added to
maximize throughput.