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FREMONT, CA — July 2010 — Datest Corp., a leading provider of advanced, efficient and quality in-circuit testing solutions, announces the acquisition of the new SPEA 4060 Flying Probe System.
The 4060 is SPEA’s latest offering and incorporates a new analog subsystem that reduces test times while increasing the range and accuracy of component measurements. Testing is accomplished by means of simultaneous top- and bottom-side probing. Program development is enhanced and speeded up by the new Leonardo Operating System, which incorporates many new features.

The SPEA 4060 uses linear motors combined with optical encoders to provide real-time feedback on probe position to allow access of pins on ultra fine-pitch components such as 01005, 0201, and RQFP. Additionally, the new platform incorporates both top- and bottom-side moving heads, allowing access to the board under test from both sides simultaneously.

“Our goal in evaluating a new flying probe platform was to select a system that would meet the test challenges we see from our customers today and into the future. We are continuing to see more and more board designs without test points, which requires probing of SMT components such as 0201s and 01005s,” said Robert Boguski, President of Datest Corp. “We looked at competitive systems on the market and feel that the design of the SPEA 4060 mechanics combined with its enhanced test instrumentation will allow Datest to provide the highest yield products to our customers. Our intent is to integrate boundary scan test capability on the flying probe, and we believe the SPEA 4060 is the best fit for this pairing.”    
Rick Brummett, SPEA’s Regional Manager, stated, “We value Datest as a strategic business partner and are excited that it has selected the new 4060 flying probe system. Datest continues to push the envelope in terms of bringing the highest possible testing capability and value to its customers. The new 4060 provides the next level of testing capability on a flying probe system demanded by today’s marketplace.”

David Buhrkuhl, President of SPEA America, added, “This acquisition opens a new chapter in SPEA’s longstanding and fruitful relationship with Datest. The addition of the 4060 to Datest’s repertoire of test platforms brings state-of-the-art programming and production capabilities to the flying probe marketplace. I believe that customers will see the new advantages of using Datest as their test services supplier. To this avail, SPEA America intends to form a marketing and service partnership with Datest.”

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