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Datest and VJ Technologies Hosting Digital X-ray Inspection Services Open House – January 23, 2018

BOHEMIA, NY & FREMONT, CA — January 11, 2018 — Datest, a leading provider of advanced, efficient and mission-critical in-circuit testing, test engineering and X-ray inspection solutions, today announced that it will partner with VJ Technologies (VJT) to host a digital X-ray inspection services Open House at the Datest facility in Fremont, CA on Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018 from 12-6 p.m.

Datest • 47810 Westinghouse Drive • Fremont, CA 94539 • 510-490-4600

To request an invitation, email Michael Keeley at

VJT and Datest will be showcasing the newly completed Microfocus CT Lab, along with their other capabilities, giving tours of the facility and providing demonstrations of their products and services. VJT provided the high precision (5-10micron) micro focus DR/CT system, VJT’s world-class Vi3 DR software and Fraunhofer’s VOLEX CT software, and all associated DR and CT workstations.

Other VJT and Datest products and services will be on display and available for use and demonstrations. Training and consultation services also will be featured. Quick-turnaround inspection and failure analysis services will be available to all industry sectors, building on Datest’s well-known and highly successful printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) failure analysis service of the past 5 years. VJT also will back up Datest for high-energy X-ray applications at its New York and Connecticut facilities.

“We have always been successful by understanding the customer’s needs and collaborating to provide the best solution,” said Vijay Alreja, CEO, VJ Technologies. “With Datest, we will continue to do that, with the best in customer service, speed and flexibility.”

“This partnership is nearly two years in the making,” said Robert Boguski, President of Datest.  “With the start of 2018, Datest, with our Partners at VJT, will offer high-level digital radiography (DR) and computed tomography (CT) services for industry, academia, government, and their affiliates, all on a quick-turnaround basis. Our key customer is an engineer with a problem, under pressure, in a hurry.  We offer relief, and, hopefully, a solution.  In most instances that solution will reside at Datest’s Fremont, California, facility. In certain unique cases, such as high-energy applications, VJT’s East Coast facilities will back up Datest’s services. The key is to provide nondestructive failure analysis services, and fast, to discerning and demanding customers. We are proud to say that we are up for the challenge.”

The new equipment is set-up and ready to go, so please check your email for your invitation and we look forward to meeting you at the event.


About VJ Technologies

VJ Technologies engineers, designs, and manufactures world-class imaging software and hardware products, solutions, and services for industry, academy, and government.  

Founded in 1987, VJT is a leading global provider of x-ray inspection solutions with locations in the United States, UK, France, India and China to provide a true global level of service. We apply our radioscopic digital imaging expertise to government agencies and nondestructive testing (NDT) markets throughout the world.  

VJT develops and manufactures a complete line of automated, manual, and turnkey X-ray inspection systems. Primary market sectors include: automotive, aerospace, electronics, remediation, nuclear, oil & gas, and pipe & weld applications. VJT x-ray inspection systems are used for radioscopic inspection of products and assemblies to detect defects or foreign matter, reducing cost and time while increasing quality and safety.  

VJT delivers a competitive advantage over other companies through our network of global offices. In the 21st century, VJT continues to nurture emerging technologies and provide innovative solutions for global customers.   

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About Datest

Datest is the preeminent provider of advanced, efficient, and cost-effective PCBA testing, test engineering, failure analysis and analytical solutions. Established in 1984, Datest now offers in-circuit and flying probe testing and development services; DFT/DFM analysis; JTAG/Boundary Scan development services; AXI as well as 2D and 3D X-ray and CT-scan capabilities for nondestructive failure analysis, root cause identification, and dispute resolution.  The company also offers cross-sectioning, dye & pry, and analytical laboratory services, including SEM and C-SAM analysis; counterfeit component identification and detection; and reverse engineering services. Datest is ITAR registered and has a quality management system (QMS) that is certified to ISO9001 and AS9100C.  For more information, call 510-490-4600 or consult