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In-Circuit Testing and Test Engineering

Welcome to the ICT Page of our website.  The mere fact you’re looking at this means you know what you want, so we won’t bore you by explaining again what you already know.  That said, let’s get one thing straight:  not everyone who thinks they need ICT for their boards, should get ICT for their boards.

Huh?  Isn’t Datest first and foremost an in-circuit programming and testing company (yes), providing ICT programs and fixtures for its entire existence, since its doors opened for business in 1984 (yes again)?  And isn’t ICT development and support, in close partnership with such Industry stalwarts as Keysight and Teradyne/GenRad, still a core part of its business (yes yet again)?  And doesn’t Datest ship fixtures and programs to satisfied customers all over the country and the world (you betcha!)?

All of the above is as true today as it was in 1984. Still, Datest is first and foremost in the business of delivering value to its customers forthrightly.  That means sometimes telling a customer that their design is not suitable for ICT, and backing that claim with solid analysis.  Sometimes it means convincing a customer to save their money on this project (Let’s be honest:  ICT fixtures and programs are expensive!) and consider an alternative, more effective test methodology, coverage- and cost-wise, that may also be faster to implement (e.g. flying probe programming and testing).

To be clear, we are in-circuit test engineers to our very marrow.  We’ll gladly take your money for a big project.  But we want to take it for the right reasons, and vociferously steer you away if we strongly suspect your board, or the application, is not suitable for ICT.  We want you back as a satisfied customer.  Applying the best, most cost-effective test engineering methodology to the specific task accomplishes both goals.  Part of what you pay us for is the benefit of our judgment.  Judgment comes from experience.  And sometimes experience says ICT is the second- or third-best solution to a technical problem.

We offer the latest tools:  Keysight 3070 programming and fixture development, including x1149 JTAG/Boundary Scan; Silicon Nails; VTEP/Testjet; Dual Stage fixturing; Functional Test Integration; and wireless fixturing.  We can test boards here at Datest or deploy fixture and program to the customer’s site (or the customer’s contract manufacturer’s site).  Every engagement is unique.  Every application demands flexibility.  We’re used to it.

We’re pretty good, too.  We just hope you can put up with the honesty.  Because we want you to truly get what you pay for in an ICT fixture and program.  We mean that in the most positive possible sense.

After all, it’s your money.  That’s why you trust us with it.