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Boundary Scan/JTAG Testing andTest Engineering

Datest offers 3 types of Boundary Scan Development and Testing:

  • On the bench
  • Integrated with Analog Flying Probe Testing
  • Integrated with In-Circuit Testing (ICT)

Datest features 3 different JTAG Platforms:

  • Keysight x1149
  • Goepel CASCON Galaxy
  • Asset Intertech Scanworks

Datest complements basic JTAG and 1149.1/1149.6-compliant infrastructure programs with these enhancements and advanced features for suitably designed boards:

  • Testability Analysis and platform recommendations.
  • Interconnect Tests to capture shorts and opens between Boundary Scan Devices.
  • Modeling of “glue logic” devices to create additional interconnect paths.
  • Accessible memory device connectivity.
  • Flying Probe digital driver/receivers used to extend interconnect tests.
  • CPLD, FPGA & Memory Programming (Including I2C and SPI) upon request.
  • Embedded Diagnostics

Datest is a Goepel Partner and Center of Expertise.

Datest is also a Keysight Channel Partner and a Keysight Solution Partner