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Special Services

Datest offers a wide variety of unique special services, including:

  • PCBA/PCBF Reverse Engineering
    Software algorithms are employed to create netlists and crude schematics to give to layout specialists to re-create complete board design/fabrication packages.  Suitable for older designs whose archives have been lost through mergers, acquisitions, poor doc control, acts of God, or plain old human stupidity.
  • Gerber-to-CAD conversions
    We use software tools to convert gerber files into GenCad and FATF files, suitable for test program generation.  Suitable for older boards where CAD is lost or never existed.
  • DFM and DFT Analysis
    We use well-known tools (Valor, Siemens PLM TestExpert, Aster Testway), to determine whether a board is beautiful, testwise and buildwise, or an unmitigated disaster.  We use those results to steer customers in the direction of the most efficient, cost-effective test methodology.  If you can handle the truth about your baby, prepare for incoming!
  • Test Program and Fixture Evaluation, Modification, Upgrading, and Improvement
    We take in NIH (Not Invented Here) fixtures and programs; evaluate them, modify them to ECOs, and often improve their test coverage.  Think of us as Rescue for Test Fixtures, providing a happy home and a heartwarming end for downtrodden technology.
  • Counterfeit Component Detection Services
    We provide electrical screening, visual & x-ray inspection, and testing of suspect components.  Decapsulation services are also available.  Consistent with SAE AS5553 and AS6081 as well as PRO-STD-001.
  • Small Scale Box Build Manufacturing
    If it’s convenient, and we already test it, we can also build it for you at the same time.  Show us how it’s done and we’ll take over the responsibility for putting it together.
  • Burn-In Services
    0-60deg C burn-in services, including software access and datalogging in real time.
  • Process Management Consulting and Dispute Resolution
    Call us “Switzerland.”  We are often engaged as a neutral Third Party, using our tools and skills to offer second opinions between divergent parties (OEMs vs Contract Manufacturers, for example).
  • The Datest “Ecosystem”
    We know people.  They do stuff.  Usually the stuff we don’t do.  We complement each other in our mutual passion to support our customers by performing accurate and meaningful tests, evaluating quality, and analyzing the root causes of failure. We are well connected, and can direct you to the appropriate solution to your problem, whether it’s Datest or one of our partners.
  • Exemplary Customer Service
    Without it we wouldn’t have customers, or a business.  ‘Nuff said.
  • Strong, unvarnished opinions
    You may not like what you hear, but you’ll hear the truth, even if it means Datest isn’t a proper fit for a certain project.  The truth saves time, and doesn’t tax the memory.