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Functional Testing and Test Engineering

Yes we do functional test development.  We can take existing test fixtures and adapt them to our testing floor and provide ongoing testing and debug services.  Many of those customer-supplied test fixtures are developed in a laboratory/prototype/NPI environment, and are not suitably robust enough to survive the rigors of volume production.  We have the ability to upgrade such fixtures and make them more robust.

Or if you prefer, we can design a test system from scratch.  Give us your statement of work, datalogging and instrumentation requirements, and diagnostic specifications, along with a preference for programming language (LabView, LabWindows, C++, other), and we’ll tailor a custom solution to your requirements.  We serve commercial, medical, military/aerospace, automotive, and telecommunications industries.


  • Functional Test Design, Deployment, and Implementation
  • In-system Programming
  • Data Acquisition and Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Full Documentation
  • Benchtop Systems to Large Scale Integrated Systems
  • Instrumentation Design and Integration
      • VXI, PXI, GPIB, LXI, USB
      • Embedded Design
      • FPGA Design
      • Custom Instrumentation
  • Software Engineering
    • C/C++/C#
    • JAVA
    • Visual Basic
    • LabView
    • LabWindows CVI
    • Visual Studio
    • TestStudio
    • TestStand

Depending on project requirements, timing, and available engineering resources, we can either handle it here at Datest or draw on the expertise of several “ecosystem” partners specializing in functional test engineering, development, and integration.

It all starts with an analysis of the customer’s present situation and shortcomings, refined with future plans, all stated in a detailed Statement of Work (SOW) and a budget.  If an SOW doesn’t exist, we will help you make one.  If a budget doesn’t exist, we will help you create one.  In all things we try to creatively steer you in the direction of obtaining the most efficient use of constrained resources to achieve the optimal functional test solution befitting field operational reality.