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X-Ray Inspection and Programming

Datest proudly features multiple X-ray Services:

  • Automatic X-ray Inspection (AXI) Services
  • 2D and 3D X-ray Inspection Services
  • Digital Radiography (DR) Services
  • Industrial CT Scanning Services
  • High-Energy X-ray Inspection Services

These services are employed in a wide and ever-expanding variety of applications.  Our roots are with electronics generally, and printed circuit boards specifically, but today Datest X-ray systems and services are used for fault finding, defect detection, root cause identification, forensic analysis, dispute resolution, metrology, mechanical engineering, counterfeit screening, additive 3D printing and manufacturing, injection molding, casting, materials science, biotechnology, medical, and aerospace applications.  The list of applications lengthens every year.  The variety of projects we undertake increases every week.  In fact, we embrace what we fondly call “science projects,” which are simply unfamiliar applications to our team.  We invite prospective customers with such projects to contact us, describe their challenge, and bring us a sample part to be inspected.  If you invest some time with us, we will reciprocate with you.  If we can successfully address your application, we’ll work out a mutually agreeable inspection program.  If we cannot, we’ll shake hands and not charge you for the attempt, and hope to have better results with you next time!

Automatic X-ray Inspection, or AXI, takes 3D laminographic images of every solder joint on a printed circuit board, top as well as bottom sides.  ODB++ or Ascii-formatted CAD files are used as the basis of a program that validates newly-manufactured or failed and “bonepile” boards to preloaded algorithms which inspect solder joints to IPC-A-610 standards.  Failures are identified and snapshots of defects taken and recorded.  Suitable for low to high-volume manufacturing.

2D and 3D X-ray Inspection Services utilize top-down as well as oblique angle viewing of geometric objects to identify known defects or validate certain attributes, characteristics, or screen anomalies in materials.  The emphasis is on speed of obtaining results, confirming suspicions.  Most projects can be completed in 1-3 working days.  This is important, because our key customer is a process/quality engineer with a problem in need of an immediate solution.  Reports can follow; what is important is an image of the problem so that immediate corrective action can be taken.

Digital Radiography (DR) Services Nondestructive Testing (NDT) services for defect recognition, process validation, and materials analysis.

Industrial CT Scanning Services 3D tomographic imaging and analysis for nondestructive testing (NDT) of hard-to-identify defects, metrology applications, materials analysis, and process validation.  NAS 410-certified Class II and Class III technicians available on a project basis.

High-Energy Imaging Services up to 9MeV for specialized applications (in partnership with VJ Technologies)